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The professional camera for digital architectural photography with freedom of all displacements from close range to infinity.

Together with the renowned architectural photographer Rainer Viertlböck, Sinar has developed a new camera for digital architectural photography.

Designed by Photographers and engineered for Photographers

The Sinar arTec camera system is a milestone in digital architectural photography. Never before has a camera system been designed so convincingly to meet the requirements of professional photographers in the field of digital architectural photography.

The Sinar arTec camera system follows the 60-year-long Sinar tradition of developing and providing innovative tools, designed by Photographers and engineered for Photographers.

The camera is an absolute joy to use and makes highest-quality wide-angle digital photography a reality.

Thanks to the lens-shading and optional vignetting correction features, lens casts are a thing of the past!

*This listing is for the Sinar arTec, basic (without interface)

*Lens and digital back are not included. This listing for the body only.

Shift Range+25/-15mm vertically, +20/-20mm horizontally
Swing/Tilt Range+/-5°, rotatable by 360° with click-stops every 90°
Leveling Aids1 circular and 3 tubular spirit levels for all axes
Viewing AidsBright focusing screen with flexible 3-fold magnifier
Digital Back InterfaceSinar Hy6/Leaf AFi, Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Mamiya 645 AFD/Phase One
Tripod Interface360° rotating mount with a 3/8″ thread
Dimensions27 x 19 x 7cm (approx. 10.5 x 7.5 x 3")
Weight1.45kg (approx. 3 lb)
LensesSinaron Digital VHR 5.6/23, HR 4.5/28, HR 4.0/35, HR 4.0/40, 4.5/45, 4.5/55, HR 4.0/60, 5.6/70, 5.6/90, HR 4.0/100 and 5.6/135mm

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Sinar arTec without Interface Board (incl. protection cover)
Focusing Magnifier
Format Mask/s
Sinar arTec Camera Case
Operating Instructions Sinar arTec (as a PDF file on a CD)