Phase One DF Camera (Pre-owned)

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Product Description

The Phase One 645DF camera body is an open platform, allowing photographers to use any Mamiya Mount digital back. Take advantage of the new Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses, digital focal plane lenses from Phase One or use your Mamiya 645 AF/AFD or Hasselblad V lenses for a broader choice and easy upgrade path. Combined with some of the world’s best digital backs, the 645DF camera offers the most versatile shutter speeds in the market, ranging from 1/4000s to 60 minutes. With the new Phase One leaf shutter lenses, the 645DF camera supports an unprecedented high flash sync speed of up to 1/1600s opening new creative windows for photographers. The mirror and viewfinder of the Phase One 645DF camera are almost three times larger than those of 35mm cameras, providing much greater control of focus and composition. While hosting a complete list of features and custom functions, the Phase One 645DF camera is extremely easy to use. All settings important to the exposure are easily controlled by manual dials and buttons.

Includes one year warranty, viewfinder mask and AA battery cage.

This product does not include a lens. This product does not include a digital back. New lenses are available here, and pre-owned lenses are available here.