Pre-Made Template for Phase One UK Hard Case


SKU: UK716-XF, UK716-DF-KIT-1, UK716-DF-KIT-AC, UK716-DF-1, UK716-DF-AC Category:

Product Description

Get a custom foam cut out made to fit the Phase One UK Hard Case. Almost all shapes have finger notches to help with easy removal from the case. Choose between these pre-made templates:

XF, Digital Back & 1 Lens
DF+/DF Kit  & 1 Lens (Kit Contains: DF+/DF, Digital Back & 80mm LS)
DF+/DF Kit & Accessories (Kit Contains: DF+/DF, Digital Back & 80mm LS)
DF+/DF, Digital Back & 1 Lens
DF+/DF, Digital Back & Accessories

Once you have completed your checkout we will contact you to find out what what lens cut out you would like if you select a pre-made template with a lens cut out.

Give us a call if you have any questions: 877-217-9870

*Case and camera gear are not included.