Phase One XT Camera Body


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Product Description

The XT Camera System takes full advantage of the Rodenstock optics with 24mm of shift on both X and Y axes. These movements allow you to correct for perspective distortion or create panoramic and stitched images quickly and precisely. The shift position of the camera is integrated into the image file providing immediate feedback for later use. Additionally, the design of the XT allows you to quickly rotate the camera between portrait and landscape orientation while remaining securely mounted to a tripod via an integrated Arca Swiss-type mount, further expanding the integrated workflow.

XT functions
Shutter Release: Dual-action with customizable half press
Horizontal Dial: 12mm shift to the left, 12mm shift to the right
Vertical Dial: 12mm shift up, 12mm shift down

Lens Interface
Electrical: 14-pin X-Shutter interface
Physical Mount: Cambo WDS compatible
Mount Lock: Two action safety release

Rotatable tripod foot
Quick Lock Rotation: Easily switch from landscape to portrait without detaching from tripod
Detachable Foot: Easy detach foot for handheld shooting convenience
Tripod Shoe: Arca Swiss-type rail