Phase One XF Waist Level Finder


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Product Description

This is the waist level viewfinder for the Phase One XF camera. It allows for TTL metering using the HAP-1 autofocus system.

*This is for the Phase One XF Waist Level Finder only. XF Body, Lens and Digital Back are not included.

 90°Waist Level
Modular ViewfindersYesYes
Frame Coverage97%97%
Exchangeable Diopter3 options5 options
Diopter RangeRange from -5 to +3Range from -2 to +2
Default Diopter Magnification-2.5 to +2.50
Collapsable diopterNoYes
Visible Exposure InfoYesOn XF Top screen
Focus ConfirmationYesOn XF Top screen
Light MeasuringYesYes (HAP-1/HAP-2)