Phase One IQ150 Mamiya Mount (Pre-Owned)

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Product Description

Shot Count: 18,495

The Phase One IQ150 camera system is the world’s most powerful medium format camera system. Created to satisfy the individual workflow and creativity of professional photographers, the new IQ150 digital back captures at impressive 50 megapixel resolution and provides the finest detail, color rendition and sharpness possible.

Enjoy the seamless compatibility between Phase One digital lenses or Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses and the Phase One 645 DF+ camera body, which in conjunction with the IQ150 provides optimal solution for the demanding photographer.

The 3.2” touch screen lets you check images fast and easily navigate between menus and

The wide format display allows for a full 4:3 aspect ratio file image right next to important image information, such as the histogram.

Resolution:51 Megapixels
Lens Factor:1.3
Imaging Sensor:44 x 33mm
Image Ratio:4:3
Pixel Size:5.3 x 5.3 Micron
Capture Rate:Focal Plane: 1.8
Leaf Shutter: 1.4
Connection:Firewire 800, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
LCD: 3.2in Retina-like 1.15 MP touch screen
ISO:100 - 6400
Dynamic Range:14 f/stops
Exposure Time:1/10,000 - 1 hour
Image Buffer:2 GB Advanced high speed RAM
Pixel Dimensions:8280 x 6208
File Format:RAW file format IIQL or IIQS
RAW File Compression (large):50MB
RAW file Compression (small):33MB
Color Depth: 16-bit (65,536 levels per channel)
Color Management System:Range of factory ICC profiles & custom camera profiles

CI Certified, 1 Year Warranty
CI Certified is the confidence in buying a product that has been thoroughly inspected and approved by the leader in the digital medium format marketplace.

An 18-point inspection is performed on every digital back that enters our inventory. Included are the following professional service checks:

  • Ensure that all ports are functional
  • Complete firmware update
  • Sensor check / calibration check
  • User interface testing
  • Tethering / CF Card testing
  • Full surface cleaning

All digital backs sold by Capture Integration include a 1 year warranty. Capture Integration is the only dealer in the marketplace to include this service for pre-owned digital backs.

One Year Warranty
Capture Integration offers a 1 year warranty on digital back, body and lens.

The warranty on 645DF and 645DF+ cameras and Schneider Kreuznach LS lenses is either one year or 100,000 shutter releases – whichever comes first.

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IQ150 Datasheet