Inovativ Apollo Cart

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Product Description

The Apollo is INOVATIV’s largest and strongest cart ever built, ready for the most demanding needs for on-set work. Without sacrificing design detail and manufactured using the very best materials and processes, the Apollo is the strongest portable cart available in the marketplace. Available in 40” and 52” lengths, and in either our EVO or NXT wheel configurations.

The Apollo incorporates a newly designed shelf system that easily assembles without tools and includes our first internal Main-Frame system covered by a sub-panel. The shelves have been made 56% thicker. The upright tubes secure with such strength and durability, using our new Corner Cam Lock System, that the Apollo is more than 40% stronger than the Scout series equipment carts. In addition, the four vertical posts have been made 14% thicker and mounted to the widest points on the cart making the Apollo the most stable and durable cart to date, and easier for latching down to the walls of a production truck. The top shelf has a built in low-profile foldable side panel that stows out of the way with ease. This gives you easy access to load and unload equipment or spend long-days managing data using computer workflows. The carts latch system, connecting the two shelves when collapsed, has been moved to the short sides of the cart and easily stows out of the way when the cart is in use. The Apollo is less than 7.5” thick in its collapsed configuration.

Configure the cart that you want and need. The Corner Cam Lock System allows for more accessory options, allowing for new accessories to quickly mount into the top of the cart. Built-in Threaded Rail-Plate options are also available. The 12” long aluminum plates are designed to hold the industry’s most common bits and pieces, with 22 ¼-20 and 30 3/8-16 threaded holes. The Apollo’s bottom pan easily accepts the connection of INOVATIV’s bottom drawers and fork lift rails (accessory coming soon) for easy lifting.

EVO Wheels vs NXT Wheels– Premium and Performance, EVO wheels are 100% built in-house to make them withstand all the elements and give you the strongest performance while staying light-weight. The sealed bearing housings ensure smooth movement with your cart all of the time. In contrast, the NXT wheel system is nearly 30% heavier, being primarily constructed of steel. However, the NXT wheels include our new aluminum dovetail adapter, connecting the steel casters to our aluminum dovetail system used by all EVO trimmed carts. This drastically improves the handling characteristics of the cart with both a smoother and quieter ride, while utilizing a less proprietary off-the-shelf steel caster.

Payload Capacity: 1,200 lbs.


  • 10” Quick-Release EVO Wheel System
  • INOVATIV Foot Brake System
  • Foldable top shelf lip with lock
  • Built-in Side Panel Cheese-Plates
  • Apollo 52 Comes With 3
  • Apollo 40 Comes With 2
  • 1 Set Black Quick Grips
  • 2 Accessory Cross Bars
  • Textured Black Powder Coat
  • Type II and III Anodize
  • Collapsible With Latches

Apollo 52 EVO – AE-0052
Apollo 40 EVO – AE-0040
Apollo 52 NXT – AN-0052 – Discontinued
Apollo 40 NXT – AN-0040 – Discontinued

– Designed and Manufactured in California, USA
– Constructed of 1/8” 5052 Aluminum and stainless steel hardware
– Parts machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
– INOVATIV’s New Internal mainframe system
– INOVATIV’s New Corner Cam Lock System
– Industry first, Removable Hydraulic Disk Brake System
– 100% sealed bearing 10” EVO Wheels with INOVATIV Foot Brake System
– INOVATIV’s New Foldable top shelf lip with lock
– Optional built-in threaded rail-plates, each with 22 ¼-20 and 30 3/8-16 threaded holes
– Optional low-profile combo-locking top drawer
– Optional combo-locking bottom drawers

Apollo 40
– Collapsed: 40″H x 26″W x 7.5″L
– Assembled: 40″H x 26″W x 40″L
– Weight: 102lbs. (With EVO Wheels) / 112 lbs. (With NXT Wheels)

Apollo 52
– Collapsed: 52″H x 26″W x 7.5″L
– Assembled: 52″H x 26″W x 40″L
– Weight: 115lbs. (With EVO Wheels) / 125 lbs. (With NXT Wheels)