Hasselblad H6X

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Product Description

The H6X lens program is designed and engineered by Hasselblad to meet the highest optical performance specifications. HC and HCD Lenses cover a wide spectrum of focal lengths and feature some of the fastest and most precise auto-focus capabilities on the market. The unique HCD 24mm wide-angle lens, the HCD 28mm and the HCD 35-90mm zoom lens have been tailored for digital use with a 37 × 49mm sensor, but can of course also be used with larger sensors with a minimal drop in performance in the extreme corners. The integral lens shutters allow for flash sync up to 1/800 of a second. The lens shutter also provides silent and vibration-free operation. It can also use a film magazine and offers H5X functionality with 3rd party digital backs.

Although aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F, H4X and H5X users, the H6X can naturally act as a backup for H5D users too.

*Body Only