Cambo X2-PRO Bellows

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Product Description

The Cambo Bellows for X2-PRO DSLR Camera System is designed to give DSLR cameras the movements of a view camera system. The DSLR camera is mounted to the X2 body in order to offer the tilt, swing, fall and rise movements of a large format camera as well as the ultra fine adjustments and focal plane control.

X2-Bellows for Canon DSLR (XBC-35) – 99030401
X2-Bellows for Nikon DSLR (XBN-35) – 99030402
X2-Bellows for Mamiya DSLR (XBM-35) – 99030403
X2-Bellows for Sony Alpha A850/900 (XBS-35) – 99030406
X2-Bellows for Sony E-mount (XBE-35) – 99030408