Cambo WRS-HVSA Shutter Activator


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Product Description

The Cambo WRS-HVSA¬†adapter accepts lenses from the Hasselblad 500 series, similar to the existing WRS-HV adapter, but¬†adds the feature to activate and release the lens’ leaf shutter and to synchronise to a digital back.

The WRS-HVSA is fitting to all Cambo WRS-series models, including the WRC and the WDS, as well as the Phase One XT body.

As the shutter inside the lens can be activated and released, this adapter can be used with virtually any digital back that can be synced by means of the flash contact. This includes Hasselblad’s new CFV II 50 C model.

Of course, when using the latest generation digital backs with sensor electronic shutter, this adapter may be used shutterless by choice.

The WRS-HVSA, which also comes with a cable release, will be available for delivery starting in September of 2020.