Cambo WRS-1600


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Product Description

The WRS-1600 is a newly designed system with the unique ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical orientations of the digital sensor with a simple flip of the camera body. This allows for the body to always remain secure in the mount so no shift in weight or re-leveling is required. The digital sensor remains central so there is no need to refocus the lens or back, saving time and effort when shooting on location, as well as protecting the sensor from exposure to the elements.

The camera base fits directly to the CBH-6 ball head (sold separately) so the body stays firmly in place.

Lateral displacement is built into the body with Cambo’s unique accelerated gears and built in detents every 5mm, allowing for quick and secure placement of the sensor when making perspective controls, and especially when stitching.

In order to accomplish nearly any architectural or landscape assignment, the Wide RS accepts the full range of WDS lens panels that incorporate the Schneider Digitar and Rodenstock Digital lenses.


  • Camera body only, Lens panel and digital back not included
  • Millimeter scales for movements
  • Movement indicators on rear sides
  • Integrated handgrip for steady holding
  • Unique rotating ability from horizontal to vertical orientation
  • LED light included
  • Optional WTS Tilt-Swing Lens panels
  • Optional Viewfinder
  • Wooden handgrip included with WRS-1600
  • Soft case included
  • Broad range of optics
  • Retrofitting of user lenses offered
Focal Length 60mm60mm
Aperture Range f 4-22 (manual)
Lens construction6 elements
CoatingMulti coating
Size L x W x H1.6” x 4” x 5” (includes Actus mount)
Front filter thread40.5mm
Image circle75mm
Compatibility (sensor)Canon M, Sony A7, Fuji X, Panasonic, Leica M, Olympus
Compatibility (camera)Cambo Actus (non DB)

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