Cambo Rodenstock 32mm HR Digaron-W Aperture Only

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Product Description

The WRA-2032 or WTSA-832 Lenspanel in aperture only is dedicated to the use with IQ3 100 or IQ4 Series Digital Backs and has a Rodenstock 32mm HR Digaron-W lens in aperture only mount.

All WDS/WRS Lenspanels for WideRS-series, WideDS and WideCompact will be delivered with an option of a Rodenstock Aperture Mount only, without shutter. This is a great option when working with the latest Digital backs having a built-in sensor-activated Electronic Shutter.

In this case, there is no need for a synchronisation between lens and back, there is no moving and vibrating shutter and the back can be set to capture remote if needed. The aperture is manually set at the lens.

Technical Details:

  • Aperture size #0
  • Aperture control manually
  • Aperture range 6 f/stops, increments stepless
  • Aperture has 9 leaves
  • No Flash synchronisation

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