Cambo Ultima to ACTUS-DB Upgrade Kit


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Product Description

Upgrade your existing Cambo Ultima with this conversion package for use with Digital backs, and take advantage of the features that make the ACTUS so different from other platforms.

Just replace the front and rear frames with these new parts and you can mount Actus lens panels on the front standard and the interchangeable Cambo SLW-adapters to the rear standard and connect both with the included bellows ACDB-254 with 300mm extension, matching the Ultima’s monorail length of 30cm.

The front lens panel mount block ACXL-960 has also been prepared to use the Ultima compendium UL-343.

The rear frame mount ACXL-970 accepts the Cambo SLW-adapter that is used on the Cambo WideRS platform and the CSLB/CMSLB sliding backs.

Includes front mount ACXL-960, ACXL-966 rear mount frame for digital back and a ACDB-254 bellows. You only have to add the SLW adapter and lens panels for your lenses.

*You only have to add an Actus lens plate (#0, #1 or #3) and a SLW-adapter for the DB to complete the total set up.