Arca-Swiss Vario Finder for R-Line Cameras


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Product Description

The Arca-Swiss Vario Finder is not integrated in the body, but you can parallax not only vertically but also horizontally. The finder provides a bright and distortion-free image with the focus page.

The Vario Finder has 4 columns. The left column shows the different film formats and sensor sizes are indicated. Over the next three columns to the right you will find the focal lengths of lenses possible. In the first, the short focal lengths, in the 2nd the medium focal lengths, the right long focal lengths. In the tables right next to the sensor format can be read off the indices of the viewfinder masks. At the intersection of column focal length and sensor size of the table is the index number. Example: sensor size of 54x40mm, f = 40mm, we have the index 10. So let the viewfinder mask 10 attached to the front of the viewfinder. Looking now from the rear through the viewfinder, the metal mask for so long back and forth until you have all 4 corners even light points.

This is the setting for the 0 position of the camera. The architectural photographer moves the mask up until the image has the desired section. Now you can see a bottom edge of the viewfinder – or two hole-rich. Each row of holes is rotated, the focusing screen to 5mm in the opposite direction. This applies both to the vertical, as well as for horizontal movement.

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