Arca-Swiss C1 Cube GP (Geared Panning), Monoball Fix


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Product Description

The patented ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube with it’s unique design and innovative construction have been further developed and is now available with a gear driven self-locking pan device situated underneath the camera quick release for secure and precise positioning. These new versions of C1 Cube heads will be designated ā€œGPā€ for Geared Panning control.

The photographer now has a choice when using pan for an image ā€” gear driven or free movements. When the GP knob is pulled out, the pan movement is free for coarse and quick panning adjustments. When the GP knob is pushed in, the gears inside the panning device are re-engaged and will offer precision geared rotation of the camera.

Using the new geared panning device, cameras and lenses can be moved micro-metrically in three axes. Due to its location at the top of the head, once leveled, the panoramic movements will allow perfect horizontal panning.

Additionally, ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube GP is equipped with a second manual panning control at the base of the head for positioning the head on the tripod.

The new C1 Cube GP is offered separately and is not replacing the current versions of C1 Cube.

*This is the Monoball Fix version.

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