ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 GON Complete Kit


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Product Description

ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 GON Complete Kit, completely modular tripod and goniometer head; including ALPA GON head, TrioPod-Pro 75 tripod with leveling base, carbon legs (3 or 4 segments) and mini legs.

ALPA has not only modularized the tripod but also the tripod head. These unrivalled features allow the user to adapt the tripod to all shooting requirements. Gone are the days when the photographer had to think about the optimal tripod. The ALPA GON Goniometer tripod head and TrioPod-Pro 75 are suitable for professional use even with heavy cameras.

The kit comes complete with the unique modular ALPA GON goniometer tripod head, pano plate module, the modular ALPA TrioPod-Pro 75 with carbon legs and mini tripod legs and leveling base.

*Please specify 3 or 4 segments when ordering.

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