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ALPA / Novoflex Bellows BALPRO TS

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Product Description

ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO TS, Universal bellow ALPA branded. The BALPRO TS bellows unit has shift and tilt functionality. With its adjustment options at both standards, even more complex photographic situations with Scheimpflug for table top can be mastered. Adapters, cameras and accessories from ALPA can be used via appropriate adapters. The bellows unit is also compatible with other Novoflex accessories.

BALPRO T/S is aimed at photographers who need a bellows for product photography with which tilting and shifting can be used. The properties of BALPRO T/S offer the highest degree of precision and flexibility. The combination possibilities are endless: 35mm and medium format lenses as well as special lenses can be used with almost all 35mm and medium format cameras.

The tilt/shift function is located on the camera and lens side of the bellows. The camera side offers the option of either connecting a camera or attaching a digital back directly. The latter is useful if the back part is equipped with an integrated electronic shutter or a lens with a mechanical shutter is used. The positions of both ends of the bellows can be shifted on the long side as well as turned and shifted laterally.

The maximum backlash when swivelling is 15° on both sides, the backlash when sliding 11 millimetres to the left or right. These adjustment possibilities allow the acquisition of images according to Scheimpflug. Here too, scales ensure precise work.

Turned 90° to the side and mounted on the tripod, the BALPRO T/S can also be used for vertical perspective correction within the aforementioned margin of 11mm and 15°.

Technical Data BALPRO T/S:

Length: 200mm (7,87″)
Width: 120mm (4,72″)
Height: 185mm (7,28″)
Weight: 975g (2.14lbs)

*Digital Back, Lens, and Adapters not included.

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