ALPA / Novoflex Bellows BALPRO 1


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Product Description

ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO 1, Universal bellow ALPA branded. The universal bellows unit BALPRO 1 can be used for different photographic situations, especially in the macro range. Adapters, cameras and accessories from ALPA can be used via appropriate adapters. The bellows unit is also compatible with other Novoflex accessories.

The ALPA / Novoflex BALPRO bellows unit is perfectly suited for use outside the studio and impresses with its versatility. Preferred applications for BALPRO 1 are reproduction and focus stacking. The bellows supports almost any combination of lenses and cameras. The small dimensions of the device make transport easier, the lasered scale on the guide rail in combination with the handy rotary knobs ensures high-precision settings.

Due to the modular design of the ALPA system, the distance between camera and lens can be extended beyond the extended bellows.

Technical data BALPRO 1:

  • Length: 200mm (7.87″)
  • Width: 115mm (4.52″)
  • Height: 150mm (5.9″)
  • Weight: 755g (1.6 lbs)
  • Minimum extension bellows (without ALPA adapter): 40mm (1.57″)
  • Maximum extension bellows (without ALPA adapter): 192mm (7.55″)

*Digital Back, Lens, and Adapters not included.

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