ALPA Lens Module Pentax 67


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Product Description

ALPA Lens Module Pentax 67, SB34 type of module for use on any standard ALPA 12 body with a combination of 34mm of adapters in length; ALPA 12 FPS with 17mm adapter for reaching infinity

Forty years of development have made Pentax 67 a household name in analogue medium format photography. With the ALPA lens module, the lenses and bodies of the series remain a safe value. For ambitious photographers, new and creative ways open up.

The lens module is of SB34 type so there are a variety of options for configuration with ALPA 12 cameras. With a standard ALPA body a combination of 34 mm in rigid and/or tilt/shift adapters is feasible. On an ALPA 12 FPS a 17mm tilt/shift or rigid adapter will do the trick.

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