ALPA Intermediate 17mm Adapter with Recess


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Product Description

ALPA Intermediate 17 mm adapter, with recess for electrical contacts; for use of SB17 FPS lenses and FPS 17 mm adapters with ALPA TC, STC, MAX, SWA, WA, XY if infinity must be reached.

The Intermediate Adapter 17mm is primarily used with SB17 series lenses on classic ALPA camera bodies. The adapter now has recesses for the contact bars of the electronic lens modules. Through this feature it is now possible to mechanically attach these electronic lens modules to any ALPA 12 camera. However, if control of the aperture (and depending on the type also focus motor and internal leaf shutter) is required, the 17 mm Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA) and the Silex control unit must be used.

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