ALPA Electronic Shutter Handgrip Kit


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Product Description

ALPA Electronic Shutter Handgrip Kit, for Phase One backs with electronic shutter; consisting of handgrip (usable right/left), distancer piece, release cable D3, multipin adaper for P1 digital backs, handgrip piece.

Some digital backs, such as the Phase One IQ3 100/100 Trichromatic, have an electronic shutter that can be triggered externally. The ALPA handgrip for electronic shutters can be attached to any ALPA 12 camera body (without FPS, SWA, WA) via the ALPA feature connector.

The configuration allows the digital back in “electronic shutter” mode to be triggered directly from Live View mode. The ergonomic handle and the modular cable set can be used in many ways and allows the user to use lighter cameras such as the ALPA 12 TC as hand-held cameras.

The modular set is supplied with a screw-in handgrip piece that allows the cable to be used as an electronic cable release.