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Product Description

This ALPA 12 TC is the ideal camera for travelling (Travel Compact). As small and as light as possible, while offering full integration into the modular ALPA 12 camera platform. All current digital backs fit the ALPA 12 TC with the correct adapter. The more traditionally inclined can also make use of roll film backs up to a format of 6×9 cm – which allows truly ‘unplugged’ operation. All lenses with an ALPA adapter fit the ALPA 12 TC and all other ALPA 12 cameras. The ALPA lens adapter is available in different versions: ‘long barrel’, ‘short barrel 17mm’ and ‘short barrel 34mm’; adapters are also available with and without an integrated tilt/swing option. One alternative for a viewfinder is the iPhone, which was used for this purpose for the very first time by ALPA. Or the classic optical ALPA 120° viewfinder. Or a number of products from third-party manufacturers. The ALPA 12 TC is the right choice for the creative photographer who likes to travel light, who likes to have full manual control of his or her camera at all times and who is looking for a style and a quality which are practically impossible to find in largescale produced cameras.

ALPA 12 TC – 010.500.010

Note: This listing is for the camera body only.

Dimensions, body alone
W: 109mm, H: 109mm, D: 20mm

Weight, body alone
from approx. 220g (depending on attachments)

Weight, ready for use
from approx. 1,570g (depending on attachments)

integrated: none; with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube; from 50 mm focal length tilts or swings of even up to 12° are possible

Hand grips
available as an accessory

holder for the Apple iPhone as an electronic viewfinder in combination with the ALPA eFinder app; optical ALPA viewfinder with a 120° angle of view; screen; separate computer; various third-party optical viewfinders with fixed focal lengths or with zoom

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