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Product Description

The ALPA 12 STC (Shift Travel Compact) sets the standard for very compact and light cameras with an integrated shift (perspective correction). The STC thus also offers a stitching function and a corresponding multiplication of the number of pixels for one shot. A lateral lens shift is turned into a rise or fall option by a simple rotation of the camera by 90°. All ALPA cameras provide such surprising rotational and reversal positions which e.g. turn front to back, top to bottom or hori-zontal to vertical. Typically for ALPA, we do not even have to list all the variants – most of our customers like to work out their own special combinations for their particular practical purpose. They – and we – have no time for ‘one size fits all’. Once again: There could hardly be a bigger difference from mass-produced solutions. From a design aspect, the STC, like all ALPA cameras with an integrated shift, offers one feature that no other camera manufacturer does: all shift movements take place over the full length of movement on roller bearings – not the cheapest solution, but certainly the most precise.

Note: This listing is for the camera body only.

Dimensions, body alone
W: 146mm, H: 140mm, D: 35mm

Weight, body alone
from approx. 580g (depending on attachments)

Weight, ready for use
from approx. 1,950g (depending on attachments)

integrated: horizontal shift or – depending on the camera position – vertical shift up to 36 mm (±18 mm); with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube; from 50 mm focal length tilts or swings of even up to 12° are possible

Hand grips
available as an accessory

holder for the Apple iPhone as an electronic viewfinder in combination with the ALPA eFinder app; optical ALPA viewfinder with a 120° angle of view; screen; separate computer; various third-party optical viewfinders with fixed focal lengths or with zoom

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