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International can set up direct international orders, but the website is not designed to accept international orders at this time.

We do require a $250 minimum for international orders. PayPal and Wire Transfer are the payment methods available for all international orders – which are only shipped via FedEx International services.

The recipient of an international shipment (including shipment to Canada) is responsible for paying the taxes, customs duties, and fees incurred directly with the customs office.

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    Jeffery Salter takes us behind the scenes with the very first cover shoot using the Phase One IQ260.

    My hats off to the Capture Integration in Atlanta who flew down to provide digital capture or the shoot.  It was amazing when Dave Gallagher brought along two brand new Phase One IQ260 digital backs with DF+ cameras.  The LeBron shoot was taken with the “King” of Medium Format Digital cameras and is the first editorial cover shoot done with the camera.