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Please feel free to use a rental as a way of evaluating a potential purchase in your real-world workflow. If you purchase after renting, part of your rental will be credited toward your purchase. Use this form below to request the rental rate for your upcoming shoot.

Expert Support

As the authorized expert of Phase One, Leaf, Leica, Canon, Eizo, Cambo and more – we aren’t just renting equipment; we know the equipment inside and out. We are often called by rental companies when a problem arises they can’t resolve. This support begins even before your rental starts. Our staff will be happy to provide basic training on any equipment you rent, either immediately before the rental, or at another pre scheduled time. If you’d like more in-depth training we can include that as part of a rental package.

Professional, Well-Maintained Equipment

Capture Integration only rents the highest quality brands in photography and we keep our equipment clean. Every item is checked before rental to make sure it is in top working order. Firmware, software, and settings are kept up to date to ensure the smoothest operation.


Visit the Capture Integration rental list for full rates.
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